Anger Management Counseling In Culver City

Anger is, at times, a useful and necessary emotion. It signals that something is not right and moves us to action. The expression of healthy anger, targeted toward positive change, followed by letting go of the anger itself, is one aspect of emotional health.

If left unchecked, anger often leads to behavior we later regret, resulting in pain and isolation from others. If you or a loved one struggle with anger issues, then Christian counseling, specializing in anger management, may be the key to freedom, providing control over the seemingly overpowering emotions so that you can live a Christ-filled, peaceful life.

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Learning To Control Your Anger Is Possible

My dearly loved brothers, understand this: Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger,for man’s anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness. – James 1:19

Uncontrolled anger issues may make it difficult for you to take a step back and cool off before taking action. We are aware of the powerful hold that anger can exert. It is a strong emotion, difficult to manage –particularly when connected to the deep-rooted pain that triggers anger issues. Even though mastering your anger may seem to be impossible at the moment, Christian anger management counseling is able to help you develop self-control, allowing you to slow down, process your powerful emotions, respond in healthy ways, and eventually release the anger itself.

20% of Americans have anger issues

Those who wrestle with anger probably have at least a surface understanding of what causes anger. Often times, those who have anger management problems believe that the anger, itself, is to blame,or at least to a certain degree, justified. They may realize that they are overreacting but it is easy to find someone or something to blame for their anger. The problem is that most people who wrestle with anger don’t realize that the source of their anger lies within themselves rather than coming from an external source.

Possible causes of anger include:

  • Hidden pain – The root of uncontrollable anger often lies in deep, hidden pain and emotions such as rejection, fear, sadness, abandonment, or loneliness. Anger then becomes a sort of shield to protect a person from whatever feelings they may be are afraid of experiencing or sharing openly.
  • Difficulty expressing emotion – Anger often masks other emotions, which reside below the surface. They struggle to express emotions, such as sadness and instead react in anger. Often, this pattern is internalized during childhood when such negative emotional expressions produced unwanted results, leading to serious anger problems later on in life.
  • Learned behavior – People struggling with anger have commonly had caretakers who shared their anger problems. In such cases, many people learn unhelpful ways of dealing with anger, like violence, name-calling, or even screaming. Short of professional help, patterns formed at an early age are difficult to correct.
  • Confusing Anger and Assertiveness – Many people struggling with anger issues are incapable of expressing their real needs and concerns. It is as if the only way they know to be heard and recognized is by reacting in anger. Unfortunately, these angry outbursts rarely produce the desired effect. One aim of anger management counseling is to teach people how to assert themselves in a proper way.
  • Mental health disorders – Finally, anger may be symptomatic of more comprehensive mental issues such as addiction, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression. These issues make it tough to constructively express anger.

If you or someone you love struggles with anger management issues, don’t waste time – get immediate help. Anger issues are serious and can be damaging for everyone around the angry person, and often these outbursts are symptoms of larger problems.

Uncontrolled anger can result in serious consequences. Anger issues can have lasting effects on a person’s relationship with God, with others, and on their physical health. You might wonder if you struggle with anger issues. If you have difficulty answering that question, indicators to help you decide:

You have anger issues if your anger:

  • Results in inappropriate behavior, like verbal abuse and yelling.
  • Contributes to acts of violence, aggression, or self-harm.
  • Produces negative legal or social consequences.
  • Alienates the individual acting in anger from others.
  • Becomes a manipulative tool or to hide deeper issues.

Anger management issue symptoms include:

  • Frustration directed towards others and yourself.
  • A hard time enjoying life or being with others.
  • Impatience leading to yelling or arguing.
  • Physical manifestations of pain, such as rapid breathing, headaches, pounding heart, nausea.

Facing anger issues in a loved one or yourself can be difficult. At Culver City Christian Counseling, we respect those who admit their need for help and are committed to assisting individuals, couples, and families gain victory in their struggle with anger issues.

The Christian Counseling Approach To Anger Management

But now you must also put away all the following: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and filthy language from your mouth. – Colossians 3:8

How does anger management work? In short, Christian anger management counseling aims to help you to understand the deeper problems underneath the anger while teaching you healthier ways to manage your anger and express your emotions in godly ways. Learning to appropriately express your anger is freeing and can result in serious improvements in your quality of life and significant relationships.

One in five people reported ending a relationship due to how a person acted when angry.

At Culver City Christian Counseling, it has been our privilege to help people overcome a variety of issues, including anger management issues. Because of our years of experience and the sound counseling methods we employ, we are sure that our professionally trained counselors will be able to help you achieve your desired results. Our faith-based approach to wellness incorporates proven, evidence-based anger management techniques and treatments, as well as specific tools designed to uphold personal faith in Christ and Christian practices such as Bible study, prayer, and corporate worship.

Faith-Based Anger Management Is For Anyone

Refrain from anger and give up your rage;do not be agitated – it can only bring harm. – Psalm 37:8

Everyone gets angry from time to time. You may recall that even the Lord Jesus became angry and overturned the tables of the money changers who had set up shop in the temple. Anger can occasionally be healthy and used to protect your own rights and the rights of others. Typically, however, anger is a negative force, resulting in self-harm or harm to others, at which point it may be time to seek professional help.

Nearly 66% of U.S. adolescents have displayed an angry outburst involving the threat of violence, the destruction of property, or violence toward others.

The goal of Christian anger management counseling is to help you achieve a deeper connection with God in order for you to better express your emotions in healthy ways while being educated in Biblical principles for living a Christ-filled life of peace. Jesus teaches us to be loving and patient. He reveals the severity of anger when he equates hatred with an act of murder in our hearts. Expressing anger through violence or verbal outbursts runs contrary to the very teachings of Jesus.

The Christian life can be hard, especially when you face sinful behaviors and emotions in yourself. It is not our goal to shame you or make you afraid to ask for help. Rather, at Culver City Christian Counseling, we understand the difficulty of working through anger issues and are committed to creating a safe, compassionate place for you to experience growth and healing.

Christian Anger Management Counseling for Adults

Often, acknowledging your problem and need for help is the hardest step to take in anger management. The aim of the Christian counselors at Culver City Christian Counseling is to support you while working through these difficult issues.

Christian counseling can help you:

  • Better understand your anger triggers.
  • Provide accountability for your anger and the negative effects it has on yourself and others.
  • Heal from wounds of the past which lurk beneath your anger.
  • Admit to your anger and manage it before you lose control.
  • Self-soothe, developing an ability to calm yourself when angry.
  • Discover healthy, constructive ways to express your anger.
  • Find forgiveness for yourself and others,while growing in relationship with Christ.

A life free from seemingly uncontrollable anger is possible. Our goal is to help you achieve inner peace and self-control, rebuilding relationships and growing into who you were meant to be. If anger is damaging your personal, intimate relationships, then Christian marriage and couples counseling could help you preserve your relationship and process the issues together.

Christian Anger Management Counseling for Children and Teens in Culver City

Children and teenagers are not immune to anger issues. Children and teens have many reasons for anger issues, and it can be difficult for their parents to find the source of their inappropriate behavior or emotional issues. Christian counseling can provide important insights and tools to help your child live a Christ-filled, healthy life.

Our Christian counselors can help your child:

  • Understand the underlying reasons for their anger.
  • Learn to appropriately express such emotions as frustration, sadness, and guilt.
  • Gain tools to dissipate the intense emotions in a way that is healthy.
  • Communicate with their family members to achieve a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Find true peace in the unconditional love of Christ.

Managing anger while young is a very important lesson to learn for future personal, academic, social, and spiritual success. If your child struggles with anger, it is important to seek help immediately, so they can begin building a healthy, fulfilling life. Click these links for more information on Christian counseling for children and teens.

Culver City Christian Counseling is committed to helping people find happy, healthy, Christ-centered lives. If you, or anyone close to you, needs help with anger management, know that our skilled Christian counselors have the tools to provide lasting, positive change.

If you are ready to gain mastery over your anger, then contact us today. For more information about Christian anger management counseling or to schedule an appointment, please contact us online or call us at (949) 386-7179.

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