Finding Hope with Christian Counseling After Infidelity

Infidelity can tear apart a marriage in a short period of time, but divorce is not always inevitable. If both partners in a couple agree that they are dedicated to mending their relationship and healing, they can get past infidelity and begin to be in sync with one another’s needs again.

Culver City Christian Counseling has therapists who are ready to work with you with regard to marital issues, which can be a direct result of infidelity. Christian counseling can assist you and your partner in your journey to recovery. We are here to offer solutions that you may find useful to help heal and move on after infidelity.

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The Meaning of Infidelity

What comes to mind when we think of infidelity? In today’s technology-driven world, not only can sexual gratification be found with the simple swipe of a button on a smartphone, but the evidence of wrongdoing can be erased just as quickly. These changes in the way we communicate can often cause the lines of what is “right” and what is “wrong” to become blurry.

So, how do we determine what is acceptable and what is not? Infidelity can be emotional or visual just as easily as it can be physical. God wants all Christians to escape from the ambiguities people come up with to justify all variations of infidelity.

God wants us to create rich, honest, fruitful relationships that center around our faith with the spouse that he destined us to be with. Recovery from infidelity is possible through counseling at Culver City Christian Counseling because it is designed to help couples rebuild relationships rooted in Christ.

Surviving an Affair: A Christian Counseling Success Story

Part 1: Discovery

Everything changed for Angela the instant she saw the email. An image of her husband and a co-worker lying naked, with a message that read, “Can’t wait to see you again” seared her memory.

She rushed to the bathroom and vomited beforesitting in shock for what felt like an eternity. The one person she trusted had betrayed her in the worst possible way.

Angela’s shockmorphedinto a rage as she confronted her husband, Scott. She peppered him with questions. How long? When? How? What did I do wrong? Caught off guard, Scottfumbled for an explanation, but nothing would ease Angela’s pain.

“Just leave!” she screamed. This was the end. Angela was blindsided, confused, and hurt beyond measure. How could he do this to her? How would she ever survive this?

If you can relate to this story, understand that you are not in this situation alone. Regardless of how much pain you are in, Christ is always there for you. If you are looking for a counselor to help you through this, you have succeeded in the first step to recovery. Many lost couples have found peace and healing through successful Christian counseling at Culver City Christian Counseling.

Infidelity comes in several forms. Whether it is emotional, visual, or physical, there are several explanations for why these things could be happening in our lives. No matter what lies at the root of the issue, it can be a complex journey getting the answers you so desperately need. Common reasons for infidelity include:

  • Persistent, unresolved marital issues.
  • Sexual dissatisfaction.
  • A disconnect from one another’s emotions.
  • Addiction to love and/or sex.
  • No boundaries in platonic relationships so they lead to romantic feelings, both at work and online.
  • Justifying infidelity because it seems so acceptable in today’s society.

Culver City Christian Counseling provides an avenue for couples to discover the leading causes behind infidelity and offers the essential tools required for both the betrayed and the spouse to move forward.

Part 2: After the Affair

Angela and Scott remained separated. Angela couldn’t eat or sleep. Scottended the relationship with his affair partner and tried totalk toAngela. Despite the pain he had caused her, the thought of ending the marriage was even more painful. They decided to try Christian counseling for infidelity recovery.

It is very important for couples that are facing the infidelity crossroad to have somewhere to turn for hope and support. Culver City Christian Counseling offers support to each partner in this delicate situation and also strives to steer them closer to God so they can form a deeper, faith-based bond between them.

Effects of Affairs

Both partners are greatly affected by infidelity, and each partner works through the affair in their own way. The consequences for those involved can be catastrophic. A roller coaster of emotions is common after infidelity, including anxiety, depression, grief, and confusion.

The spouse who was betrayed may suffer from:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The betrayed partner may be left constantly wondering, “What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? How did I miss the signs?” They are plagued with constant reminders of the pain of betrayal.
  • Despair and loss of trust. The betrayed may begin to feel hopeless and lose their trust in everything around them, including their faith.
  • Low self-esteem and/or depression

The betraying spouse might suffer from:

  • Severe guilt, shame, and regret.
  • Grief due to the end of the affair and what it meant for him or her.
  • Fear of never being forgiven by their spouse and God.

Sometimes it is hard for the involved spouse to see the full spectrum of consequences of his or her actions at first. Since you are seeking counseling, you are already aware of the strain infidelity can bring on a marriage. An affair can have several effects on your marriage, including:

  • The inability to trust your partner as well as a loss of intimacy.
  • Extreme insecurity and feeling inadequate in your marriage.
  • Tension and conflict that may stem from unresolved issues leading up to an affair.
  • Chaos at home that affects children by causing sadness, confusion, and anxiety.

As one of the leading causes of divorce, infidelity must be addressed immediately with a marriage counselor for the best chance of healing and moving forward with Christ.

Part 3: The Road to Recovery

Angela and Scott went to Christian counseling for infidelity recovery with hopes of rebuilding their marriage, but it wasn’t easy. Angela couldn’t stop the thoughts and images that consumed her, and sleep was a thing of the past. She had so many questions. She felt worthless, undesirable, and afraid. Scott was overcome with grief. After seeing the impact the affair had on Angela, he could hardly live with himself. He loved Angela and wished more than anything that he could take back his choices and make her pain go away.

The repercussions of infidelity can be complicated and messy. Christian counseling for recovery can help both parties work through the chaos of deceit and rebuild their marriage through faith and understanding. For more information on how to overcome the immense obstacles often presented in these situations, please contact Culver City Christian Counseling.

Surviving Infidelity through Christian Counseling

One of the hardest decisions to make in processing infidelity is whether or not to salvage the marriage or discuss going separate ways. Impulsive decisions can have devastating consequences, so it is important to talk things through. At Culver City Christian Counseling, we promote the mindset that recovery is possible because we believe that through Christ, all things are possible.

Christian Counseling’s Practices for Recovery After Infidelity

The inexplicable divide caused by infidelity can be catastrophic to a marriage. We offer Christian counseling for infidelity recovery to give both spouses involved a neutral ground to discuss the many complicated emotions that can be involved in this delicate issue. We lean on Christ as our foundation for guiding couples to healing.

The damages caused by infidelity are like that of trauma. To fight the adverse effects that arise from infidelity, the goal of Christian counseling is to strip marriages down to the core, revealing the foundation they were built on in the first place: honesty, trust, and a commitment to this lifelong partnership founded in faith in God. This can be achieved by:

  • Building a safer environment: The betrayed must be made to feel safe within the relationship and the home environment. The affair must be completely cut off, and each spouse must use open communications to discuss reasons the affair occurred and how to move forward.
  • Honesty: The discovery of an affair can be very difficult and lead to many questions and concerns. Full disclosure regarding the affair is best in a controlled environment with a counselor to avoid an altercation of any kind while working through the issues in a respectful and understanding manner.

Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity

Nobody can be sure of their potential reaction to infidelity until it actually happens. Rebuilding trust inevitably takes time and patience, but as we’ve said before – through Christ, all things are possible. God has a reason for each obstacle that comes your way in life, including infidelity. Through His guidance, marriages can be made stronger than ever, even after the debilitating aftermath of an affair. They can be made whole again through redemption and restoration. Trust in Christ is key to making your marriage bond stronger and finding light in this dark situation. With this in mind, some ways for spouses to rebuild trust are:

  • Be accountable: Involved spouses must realize that their actions were wrong and they must empathize with the emotions of the spouse that has been betrayed.
  • Be willing to get hurt: Part of recovering from infidelity is re-opening the heart despite all of the risks of hurt in the future. Fear will eventually subside if the involved individual remains dedicated to restoring trust.
  • Communicate and ask questions: It is imperative that the involved spouse answers questions about the affair, and that the betrayed spouse learn ways to ask questions in a healthy and non-confrontational manner.
  • Set realistic goals: Even though it is difficult, the betrayed individual needs to understand that forgiveness and healing from infidelity are long processes. New information may come out during counseling, which can make the betrayed spouse feel even worse. It is important to realize that the involved spouse feels guilty and is repentant and striving to do the right things. The involved spouse, however, must also have realistic expectations of the marriage going forward because some of these may have caused the affair.
  • Forgiveness: After infidelity, Christian counseling can give hope to both individuals and help them work towards new beginnings and renewed love instead of focusing on the hurt one or both individuals have caused.

Part 4: Forgiveness and New Beginnings

It wasn’t easy, but through Christian counseling for infidelity recovery and reconnection with Christ, Angela and Scott repaired the damage to their marriage. Scott gained a better understanding of himself and what led him to be unfaithful. He also knew he never wanted to hurt Angela again. Angela learned that she was not to blame and that she was all Scott really wanted. The end result was a new beginning based on compassion, understanding, and forgiveness with newfound hope for their future together.

If you are ready to recover from infidelity, Culver City Christian Counseling is here to help. Christian counseling may be the progressive step forward that your marriage needs to step out of the darkness and into the light again.

FAQs About Christian Counseling for Infidelity Recovery

Yes. Even though the goal of Christian counseling for infidelity is to heal a marriage, Culver City Christian Counseling also provides help to individuals. We work to help you process the emotions you are experiencing and be able to express them in a constructive manner while moving past the consequences infidelity has had on you.

Each person heals at a different pace. Some couples are able to move past the hurt after a couple months, but others need to stay in counseling for a few years. Culver City Christian Counseling will help you as long as you need to make sure you are able to move past the hurt and create a new beginning.

Culver City Christian Counseling accepts many different insurance plans. Please give us a call if you have any payment inquiries.

While Culver City Christian Counseling does not guarantee your marriage will be saved, we trust that there is always hope that you and your spouse can move forward to a better future together.

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