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I had the privilege of meeting with Jane while I was a college student and my only regret is that I am no longer in the same state to benefit from her services. Jane has a really amazing skillset that seems to meld nicely with the needs of a wide range of people. A handful of my friends, both college students and “real” adults, have also seen her due to glowing word-of-mouth reviews about how competent she is. I felt that she was earnestly invested in my wellbeing as a clinician in a way that affirmed my strengths and acknowledged my pains and vulnerabilities. She was both insightful and honest. Jane effectively partnered with me on working towards not only momentary relief in times of acute difficulty but also long-term healing by the time I stopped meeting with her regularly. One thing that I will always remain impressed by is Jane’s innovation in helping me leverage my social network for intensive social support in one of my lowest moments in college. She managed to do this in a way that was sensitive to my faith background such that my spirituality was an asset. She was also always incredibly attuned to how I was feeling and what my needs were but never used her sensitivity to those things in a way that was presumptuous. As someone who greatly values communication and humor, it also made a huge difference that she communicates clearly and sensitively and has a great sense of humor. I could not recommend this clinician more highly.

Obianujunwa Anakwenze

Jane Tsang’s gentle warmth and intentional listening has set her apart as a friend and colleague in the many years we have known each other. She journeys well.

Victoria M. Chiu

Jane is a talented therapist. She is also a dedicated Christian who blends her faith beautifully into her therapy.

Shelle S Welty

Jessica is a kind, caring, individual that gives her whole heart to helping others. She is someone that makes you feel comfortable and is very trustworthy.

Sara-Ann Smith

I’ve had the privilege of working with Jessica Oberreuter over the past five years, and highly recommend her counseling services. Jessica is a compassionate and caring therapist, who is able to bring her knowledge, insight and humor into the room, providing genuine support and motivation for change.

Liz Sterbenz

My experiences with Eugenia Foster have been better than with other therapists. She is there to get to the root of the issue so that you can heal and improve your life. You won’t talk aimlessly for an hour and then wonder where your money went. If you need a change in your life and are willing to put in the work, Eugenia can help you get there.

Shayla Brown

I’ve been knowing Eugenia for the past two years she’s been a excellent counselor in assisting with marriage counseling and teens I have a son who suffered from depression she has been able to reach out and help him during this difficult time she’s very experienced In her profession.

Teri Mcqueen

Searching for a therapist you connect with can be challenging. The receptionist I spoke, who scheduled my appointment, was an excellent listener. She patiently answered all my questions i.e. how should I prepare for my first session, what does a typical session look like, etc. After meeting Jessica, I immediately felt comfortable. By the end of our first session, I knew I found a safe space with a therapist who genuinely cares. A therapist who was completely engaged throughout our entire session. I’m excited to continue my sessions, I trust Jessica will help me make healthy life choices.

Latisha Russell

Jessica Oberreuter is a compassionate and caring therapist who instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. Her Christian faith infuses her every interaction with grace, joy, and hope while her experience brings such valuable knowledge and keen insight

Jenna Briggs

My goal was to find a safe environment for therapy where I wouldn’t feel judged, could express my true thoughts and not hide from my faith. I found that with Culver City Christian Counseling. I was lucky enough to be matched with Jessica Oberreuter who is an amazing therapist who shows warmth, compassion and a deep curiosity for genuinely wanting to know what I’m experiencing. Highly recommend this center!

B Benedict

Jessica has been an amazing support to me over the past few years. After my father passed away so many aspects of my life went spiraling downhill. Jessica was there for me every step of the way to offer sound advice and tips to heal. Her vast knowledge helped me through the healing process. Her ability to understand and relate helped me cope through the most difficult time of my life. She is truly such a blessing in my life. Her love for Jesus is inspiring! I will be forever grateful for her kindness,support and expertise.

Jill Carpenter


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