The following are answers to common questions about achieving self-growth.

Many believe that stagnation in one’s self-growth has solely to do with problems in one’s career. But though this can be a part of it, there is so much more. As God’s special creations, made in His own image and likeness, there are many aspects in an individual’s life that need growth and development – spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and recreational.

When any one of these has been neglected, it is natural to feel that something is missing in life, especially when others around seemingly have a more balanced lifestyle. Hence, it is important to discover which aspects have been ignored and come up with ways to make things right. By developing short-term and long-term goals for these aspects, one will be able to better manage their life and reach their full potential.

Self-awareness is a good starting point. Life’s problems oftentimes cause a person to drift away from their desired objectives in life. Said difficulties can even cause a person to doubt who they are and what they actually want in life.

Firstly, the person should take note of their current life situation, and then truly reflect upon where they wish to be.Prayer is very helpful here, as God knows us best. God should always be the first one to turn to when making life decisions. After praying, it then helps to speak to loved ones about concerns on self-development, since God often works through the people around us.

Additionally, there are also many self-awareness books and videos that can assist in creating these goals. And for those who desire professional support, there are life coaches and personal development counselors that can be of help.

A personal growth plan is basically a blueprint to achieve one’s self-development goals. Without a detailed plan to follow, it will become very difficult to attain these goals as everything will seem like wishful thinking, especially when doubt and laziness kick in.

This personal growth plan includes the overall objectives (long-term goals) per aspect in one’s life; the short-term goals needed to improve each aspect; and the detailed process on how to achieve these goals, including contingencies should things change. If constructed well, it will not be hard to stick to the blueprint and achieve self-growth.

For example, if one wanted to become healthier so that they could live long enough to see their grandchildren graduate (long-term goal), short-term goals may include a new diet and some exercise routines – the details of which will specifically state what to do, where to do them, how long to do them, how much this may cost, and when to change things up.

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There are many self-awareness books and videos available for a person to browse. But if daily motivation is an issue, it can really help to find a personal development counselor.

Similar to a personal life coach, personal development counselors are able to motivate others to become the best they can be in life. These trained counselors, however, have the added skill of being to help the individual with other emotional or mental issues (e.g. addictions, anxiety, or depression) that the person may have, which most life coaches cannot do.

In Personal Development Counseling, the counselor works with the individual to ensure they reach their maximum potential. This is done through in-depth discussion and counseling exercises meant to discover the individual’s personality, talents, and aspirations. Once these are clear, the personal growth plan can be made so that life improvements may begin.

The counselor also functions as a life coach, following up on the client’s progress. Making key adjustments to one’s life is not always easy, especially when the desired goals run contrary to the person’s current life situation (e.g. an introvert trying to become more sociable). So it is very helpful to have an encouraging voice to push the person in the right direction and help come up with other options when needed.

A strong spiritual life is important to achieving a fulfilled life. If one is spiritually empty, life eventually becomes meaningless.

In Christian Personality Development Counseling, the faith-based counselor will incorporate prayer and meditation on Scripture in the sessions and in the self-development plan. With God’s help, one’s purpose in life becomes clearer which helps in deciding what to do next. Moreover, when one is spiritually closer to Him, there will be that internal peace that only God can give, and this helps when the self-improvement goals become more challenging.

For mature believers, having such a counselor ensures that all aspects of their blueprint for self-growth are aligned to the faith; something that a secular counselor or life coach might not be able to guarantee. Thankfully, it is not difficult to find a Christian counselor in Culver City.

Personal Development Counseling is more effective if the client is comfortable with their counselor. At the Culver City Christian Counseling website, the profiles of our different counselors may be viewed so that the right choice may be made.

Discover And Achieve Your Full Potential In Life.

There is more to life than just work and studies.  God has a beautiful plan for all of us.  We just need to discover what that is and be willing to pursue it with His guidance.

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