Christian Counseling for Married Couples at Culver City Christian Counseling

Let’s face it – marriage is hard. God created the institution of marriage for many good reasons, which include helping us to grow and mature as individuals and together. If marriage problems are dealt with properly when they arise, you can experience more intimacy and love with your other half. Unresolved marital problems create a trap and begin a process of bitterness, resentment, blame, and negativity. This leads to strong tension between you and your spouse that you never imagined would happen. Fixing issues and learning how to deal with future ones often requires some assistance. The counseling professionals at Culver City Christian Counseling are here to help you work through your problems and create a stronger relationship.

You deserve happiness and satisfaction in your marriage, not arguments and anger. Culver City Christian Counseling aims to help you to mend your relationship and get it back on the right track. Deciding to go to counseling requires courage and bravery, but it can be worth it if it saves your marriage.

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The Meaning of Christian Marriage Counseling

Christian marriage counseling is a specific kind of psychotherapy that works to help spouses mend their relationships and resolve tensions. At Culver City Christian Counseling, the therapists have extensive training and experience that they use to understand the dynamics of your relationship and to create an individualized plan to move forward. Christian counselors use Biblical teaching and faith-based values to bring peace and joy to a relationship. Through Christian marriage counseling, you can gain guidance and support that will help you recognize where your marriage stands right now and where you want it to be. Our understanding, unbiased therapists provide you with tools to use in order to stop destructive patterns and rebuild your relationship.

Many times, couples feel hopeless, but it is important to never give up. Culver City Christian Counseling offers hope for you and your spouse. Our therapists have helped countless couples with issues including faith, trust, communication, and intimacy. You are not alone and there is hope.

How Christian Marriage Counseling Can Benefit You

Many things influence how we interact with other people, including our spouses. These things can stem from friends’ relationships and often our own parents’ marriage. When a marriage is struggling, the couple often feels that divorce is the only option because they can’t understand one another’s behavior and mending the marriage seems too exhausting. Making a choice to heal your marriage is the first step to solving your issues, and the therapists at Culver City Christian Counseling can provide you with skills to understand your spouse’s behavior as well as improve your own. Christian marriage counseling can benefit you by teaching you skills needed to build and maintain healthy relationships. It can help you let go of the rough past and move forward with your spouse in a renewed, healthy marriage.

Through Christian marriage counseling, you can:

  • Gain skills to resolve conflicts in a beneficial way.

  • Learn better communication skills.

  • Be open with your spouse without getting upset.

  • Work through difficult problems.

  • Learn how to understand and appreciate your spouse more.

  • Plan for the future.

  • Gain back the trust you want and the intimacy you used to have.

  • Keep faith in your marriage and help each other grow spiritually.

Culver City Christian Counseling can help you work on the list above as well as explore other issues you and your spouse may have. Identifying weaknesses is the first step to creating strengths and setting goals for the future. The therapists at Culver City Christian Counseling understand that every marriage is different and requires its own treatment plan. We can help you and your spouse cordially figure out what you want together while creating long-term solutions to issues.

Issues that Christian Marriage Counseling Can Resolve

Individuals and couples go to counseling for many reasons, and the counselors at Culver City Christian Counseling recognize and understand that everyone has unique issues within their relationships. We have assisted couples with a wide variety of complex issues, which include:

Intimacy, Conflict, and Communication Issues

It’s no surprise that one of the top reasons couples go to counseling is for intimacy issues and poor or non-existent communication skills. Misinterpretation and misunderstanding are prominent issues for spouses. Communication can solve this, but often the couple does not know how to communicate properly. This can be really frustrating and cause a lot of conflict. When you are angry, sad, or hurt, listening to other people and understanding their point of view is very difficult. Marriage issues are no different. Constant fighting without ever coming to a resolution can cause severe emotional detachment and true intimacy problems.

Culver City Christian Counseling can assist you and your spouse communicate in a more effective manner by helping you:

  • Figure out what your communication barriers are and work towards overcoming them.

  • Learn how to truly listen to one another.

  • Work on improving the transmission and reading of nonverbal signs.

  • Gain skills in stress management and responding with proper emotions.

  • Learn how to be more assertive.

Intimacy can be improved through Christian marriage counseling by helping you:

  • Make improvements at communicating effectively.

  • Get to know each other’s physical and emotional desires and needs.

  • Come up with creative methods that you can use to prove you’re committed to your relationship.

  • Find things you have in common, such as beliefs, wants, and interests.

  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations in an effective way.

Broken Marriage Promises such as Sexual Addition, Infidelity, and Extramarital Affairs

Sexual addiction, affairs, and infidelity are all broken promises within a marriage. Seeking help for these issues as soon as they arise is imperative, as studies have concluded that more marriages are saved and end up successful the sooner the couple goes to counseling. Both partners are greatly affected by these broken promises, but Culver City Christian Counseling can help you and your spouse learn to respect and trust one another again. It is very common to feel betrayed and angry when your spouse engages in any of these broken promises. Additionally, grief can be very present as well as a feeling of self-blame. On the contrary, your spouse is also likely feeling guilt as well as shame and regret. Christian counseling focuses on saving marriages by teaching methods to recover from these wrongdoings and addressing the causes of the behavior and what can be done to prevent it.

If you have been betrayed, Christian counseling can help you and your spouse restore your marriage by:

  • Teaching you to understand that the partner who has been betrayed may be experiencing some type of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and needs to find solutions to lessen the flashbacks and the tendency to constantly dwell on the betrayal.

  • Helping you understand the causes of the betrayal and find practical solutions to overcome it.

  • Working to rebuild each other’s trust, make your dedication to your marriage known, and leave past wrongdoings in the past.

Being a Couple with Spirituality and Strong Faith

Another prominent reason couples seek Christian marriage counseling is their desire to connect better and grow spiritually. Couples who have the same faith background are able to study, pray, and worship together as well as trust their faith in hard times. Sharing a faith also makes connecting easier because of the shared values and beliefs. However, being able to connect spiritually is actually difficult because getting to a place of true intimacy and connection requires a lot of vulnerability and risk-taking. If a couple comes from different faith backgrounds, disagreements and tensions can arise and prevent important discussions and the ability of each partner to express their own beliefs. A fundamental part of gaining closeness and growing as a couple is being able to appreciate each partner’s beliefs and how God’s image is expressed within him or her. It is often difficult to respect and engage with one another if faiths and beliefs differ. Additionally, couples who come from different faiths can find it hard to raise children because of the conflict and disagreement it can cause, so discussing these issues to maintain stability in the marriage and home is extremely important.

Regardless if you and your spouse have the same or different faiths, the counselors at Culver City Christian Counseling can help you learn to:

  • Recognize and appreciate your spouse’s spiritual needs.

  • Find ways to connect through your specific spiritual expressions.

  • Make reasonable and agreed upon decisions regarding the faith of your children.

  • Realize that your marriage can be successful despite your belief differences.

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Finances and Money

Another common reason for couples to seek counseling is finances. Issues with money can be very stressful and lead to severe conflict in marriages. Financial advisors work for a lot of couples who are dealing with money issues, but financial issues can also be part of other underlying issues. Problems can arise if a partner is addicted to gambling or hides money from the other one. Additionally, careless spending often results from deeper emotional issues that need to be addressed. Discussing negative behaviors that are causing financial distress is crucial to the stability of a marriage, and counseling can help find solutions to them.

To help you and your spouse deal with money issues, the team at Culver City Christian Counseling can assist you to:

Regardless if you and your spouse have the same or different faiths, the counselors at Culver City Christian Counseling can help you learn to:

  • Regain trust by addressing the underlying issues leading to financial infidelity.

  • Discuss the issues that are leading to problems, which can include an addiction to shopping or gambling.

  • Gain communication skills that will help you share the financial responsibility and balance the budget better.

  • Set goals that will help you have a more secure future when it comes to finances.

Sexual Intimacy

A popular saying is that in order to know the truth about a marriage’s status, check the bedroom. Problems with intimacy are natural and very common. At the beginning of an intimate relationship, it is necessary to learn one another’s needs and expectations. Failure to do so can eventually lead to complaints and cause tension between the partners. Issues that can have a great impact on sexual intimacy include menopause when a woman reaches an older age. In fact, it can cause a complete halt to intimacy. Culver City Christian Counseling is a great place to get paired with an experienced counselor who can help you regain this intimacy.

Christian marriage counseling can help sexual problems including:

  • Lessened sexual desire as well as disagreements

  • The expectations of the partners and their health

  • Issues with performance and anxieties

  • Addiction to sex

  • Resolution of conflicts

Challenges that Parents Face as a Couple

Differing parenting styles can also cause marital issues. Both parents are thoroughly invested in their children and feel a responsibility toward them. Because parents feel so strongly about their children and their well-being, disagreements and conflicts regarding parenting can be extremely emotionally charged. Of course, both parents are always thinking of what’s best for their children, but teamwork in parenting can be a challenge. Factors such as the way you were raised versus the way your spouse was raised as well as your relationship with your own parents can influence your parenting styles. Disagreements about parenting can be very detrimental to a marriage, but Culver City Christian Counseling can help you build a Christ-filled, healthy home for your children.

Challenges that parents face can be overcome through Christian counseling by:

  • Analyzing and understanding your parenting style and why you parent the way you do.

  • Discussing what values are most important to you and your spouse with regard to parenting.

  • Identifying conflicts and figuring out how to compromise.

  • Finding ways to fairly share parenting responsibilities.

  • Learning how to connect with your children to encourage good behavior and prevent bad ones.

  • Discovering how you can maintain an intimate and healthy relationship with your spouse after you have children.

Extended Family Concerns

Adjusting to a new extended family when you get married can be extremely difficult. Most people are very family-oriented, meaning they are very close to their parents and siblings. Therefore, these people can sometimes interfere with your marriage and cause problems. If you are facing this sensitive matter, it is important to express concerns before the problem gets out of hand. Sometimes, new family members are outspoken and give their opinions about things that should stay within your marriage. Other family members may be dependent on your spouse and rely on him or her to the point that it interferes with your marriage. If your marriage is being affected by these issues, Christian marriage counseling can offer an objective viewpoint from someone outside of your family.

Culver City Christian Counseling can give you tools to address extended family concerns by:

  • Teaching you how to communicate with your spouse regarding your frustrations.

  • Helping you find constructive ways to communicate with your own family members about concerns.

  • Discussing family members who cause stress and identifying ways to interact with them.

  • Coming up with strategies for boundary-setting with members of your extended family.

Your Marriage Does Not Have to End

Regardless of what challenges your marriage is facing, it does not mean it is over and you should lose hope. At Culver City Christian Counseling, we can help you through difficult and potentially disastrous marriage issues. It is important to understand that you can still follow God’s plan for your marriage and your life. We can help you have a better marriage by working to show you ways to grow in your faith together as God intended.

Christian Marriage Counseling FAQs

Finding peace, fulfillment, and harmony in your marriage can be very hard, but Christian marriage counseling can assist you. Culver City Christian Counseling is dedicated to working with you and answering tough questions you may have regarding Christian marriage counseling, and we strive to help you heal and gain the best marriage possible.

Marriage counseling is a step often taken when a couple feels their marriage is over and there is too much damage that has been done. Despite the fact that some couples still decide to separate, Christian marriage counseling helps most couples. Using God’s Word, you and your spouse may be able to rebuild your marriage into the Christ-filled one He has planned for you.

You do not have to be a Christian to visit our counselors at Culver City Christian Counseling. We help marriages of all backgrounds work towards happiness and healthier relationships. If a couple believes in more of a secular approach, we do not force our Christian beliefs on them. We welcome all couples in need.

The team at Culver City Christian Counseling does our best to pair you with a counselor who we feel best suits your specific needs. Several counselors here have extensive experience with marriage counseling, including premarital counseling. You can take a look at our practice’s counselor profiles and then call for a risk-free first session.

Your counselor will use your information to determine if it would be better to meet together or individually with you and your spouse. The counselors at Culver City Christian Counseling are trained to know which method would be most beneficial at each step of counseling.

Insurance companies usually cover counseling for one partner. Culver City Christian Counseling accepts most insurance plans, so we encourage you to call your insurance provider to find out if your insurance will cover our services. If you have questions regarding payment, our responsive team is available for questioning.

Yes, we strive to assist couples in all stages of a relationship. Click here to view information on our premarital services.

Contact us now to discover how you can begin the healing process in your relationship and work towards fulfillment.

The team at Culver City Christian Counseling strives to help all couples rebuild their relationships. Regaining trust, dedication, and love can be very difficult in hard times, so we encourage you to set up an appointment on our website or call us at (949) 386-7179. Never lose hope, as your marriage can survive with dedication and through the help of Christian marriage counseling.

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